Secure Your Close one’s with clean breathable Air

Air pollution is a major health risk for the global population. As source of air pollution is both natural and manmade it is our own duty to take care of ourselves and close ones. Like humid atmosphere, is not just about sweating, it is about the dampening atmosphere which feels itchy on your skin and is… Read More »

LRIPL Mobile Charger 5V 2Amp with USB port

What are the different types of mobile chargers? In this modern time, we cannot live without our mobile phones. Mobile can give good performance and back up if they are correctly charges by the right mobile charger. Luckily, there are different types of mobile chargers that allow users to keep their devices charged in several… Read More »

Air Purifier with Intelligent Sensor, 3 Stage Filter

What is the need for an air purifier? An air purifier usage remains a much debatable even until today. A quality air purifier is necessary for good health. As individuals happen to be more aware of the advantages of air purifiers, selecting the right air purifier has become confusing due to the continuous manufacture of… Read More »

Earthma LG TV Universal Remote Control

Imagine coming home from a long day and you want to do relax and watch TV. You sit down on the sofa; pick up 3 remotes, not knowing which one controls what. You mishandle through the remotes trying to figure out which one turns on your speakers, which one turns on the TV, and which… Read More »


The prodigious growth in Development and Application of advanced electronic devices bestowed us an effortless life to live. When the electricity approached late in 80s, appliances were connected via light-bulb sockets using lamp holder plugs. Soon The British market introduced 2 pin plugs and wall socket with which connecting an appliance became easier and further… Read More »